Four day work week, plus one more day

A lot of people I respect advocate working only four days a week.  32 hours.  Their argument is that you waste a lot of time anyway plus, if you start the week knowing you only have four days to work, you’ll get it done.

I found this true when I’ve gone on vacation and had to work around holidays.

Somehow, when I start the week with only three days to work, I still get everything done.

So this week Joseph and I are instituting a four day work week.  Plus one more day.

We’ll still be in the office on Friday but the day will be spent moving Out:think forward instead of constantly having our head down in the day-to-day work.

Things we’ll be doing today:

  • Writing blog posts for the coming week
  • Reading some articles we’ve bookmarked
  • Cultivating LinkedIn and refreshing contact with with potential referral sources
  • Fleshing out our big plans for January and February of ’09
  • Moving forward on a couple open source projects
  • Knocking out some administrative stuff with taxes and paperwork

I’ve already noticed a change in how I worked this week.  When something came to mind that I wanted to blog about or somebody I wanted to touch base with, I just made a note on it as something to do on Friday.  It helped me relax and take care of the work at hand and now I’ve come in today with a great todo list of stuff that usually never gets done.

Our goals for this change are:

  • Provide better service for our clients, as we’ll be able to focus solely on the task at hand Monday through Thursday
  • Make sure we keep work coming in the door by taking time to cultivate referrals and do some marketing
  • Start giving back to the community, specifically the WordPress community
  • Start implementing a few projects that have been sitting on the back burner
  • Keep the really annoying, but necessary, administrative stuff up to date

This is our first week with the experiment so we’ll see how it goes!