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"Tim Grahl is fast becoming a legend, almost single-handedly changing the way authors around the world spread ideas and connect with readers." "I watched in awe this year as Tim Grahl had 5 clients on the New York Times bestseller list in the same week. There is no one I trust more to learn about book marketing."
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September 17th, 2016

Facebook and Author Marketing

What are authors to do with the beast of social media that is Facebook? If you’ve read my previous article on social media, you’ll know that my advice goes against conventional wisdom. In this article, I want to dig into Facebook—what it’s good for, and what it’s not good for—and how you can avoid the […]

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September 13th, 2016

Writing Myth: You Must Write Every Day

How many times have you heard this advice? “You have to write every day!” In my mind, I always hear that as, “Write every day, or you suck!” or “Write every day, or you’re not a real writer!” At this point, I’m tired of this advice, and I’m ready to call B.S. on it. Like you, I know […]

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September 10th, 2016

Writing Myth: Writing is Only One Thing

Tim says: Jeff Goins is the bestselling authors of The Art of Work and You Are A Writer. He helps writers spread their message and find their voice. He has personally helped me become a better writer with his content and this article, reposted from his website with his permission, is one of my favorite blog posts he’s written. Most writers […]

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